How Often Should Google Crawl My Web Pages?

A client recently was recently looking at the crawl stats of his website’s pages and he was disappointed to see some of the core pages of his website weren’t crawled as frequently as he would have liked. But if you’re faced with low crawl rates, you need to ask yourself how often should Google be crawling your website. Here’s the answer I gave to our client. Read more

What Should A Digital Marketing Agency Do When A Client Breaches The Contract?

If you’re running a digital marketing agency from time to time you’re going to come up against a client who decides to breach their contract. It happens. Sometimes it happens because the client thinks they can get away with it and sometimes because they don’t understand the contract. It’s frustrating, but in general, it’s something that can be dealt with without too much fuss. It’s just about working out what’s gone on, what the breach is and determine the steps you’re going to take. Read more

What Is The Best Digital Marketing Agency Structure And Pricing Model
What Is The Best Digital Marketing Agency Structure And Pricing Model?

Digital marketing is the process of using digital technologies to market goods, services and brands. Digital marketing professionals charge for their time and expertise, with a markup on acquired products and services. But what happens when you grow your business from a consultancy to an agency, things get more complicated quickly and you’re going to question what the right model is for your digital marketing agency. Read more

How To Become A Great Freelance SEO Consultant
How To Become A Great Freelance SEO Consultant

GrowTraffic is a leading award-winning SEO agency, but did you know it started out with just me working as a freelance SEO consultant? It’s been a long time since I’ve just been an SEO consultant but I thought I’d spend a moment and reminisce about what got me started in this game in the first place and the skills someone wishing to be a freelance SEO consultant would require in order to be awesome in the role. Read more

What's The Difference Between Personal Branding And Reputation?
What’s The Difference Between Personal Branding And Reputation?

Recently I got into something of a debate about whether personal branding really exists or whether it’s just reputation. I don’t think I really did the debate justice because at the time I was a little fixated on allowing GrowTraffic’s employees more personalisation of our branded elements and began to go off on a tangent, and that probably eroded the credibility of my original argument. So here we go. Let’s dive into branding, personal branding, personality and reputation. Read more


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