Does Fixing Old Broken Links Still Matter to SEO?
Does Fixing Old Broken Links Still Matter to SEO?

You should always fix broken links when it comes to SEO because it’s just good SEO practice.  Every little thing can count when it comes to SEO, growing your businesses and getting that high rank on Google.

If just one thing is out of place or not working, it can have a negative impact on your rank which will then have a negative impact on your business and its performance. So if you are wondering ‘Does fixing old broken links still matter to SEO?’ the answer is yes and here’s why!

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5 Tips To Get More Out Of Your Content Marketing.
5 Tips To Get More Out Of Your Content Marketing.

Blogging is a great way to get your brand out there and get customers interested and engaged but is blogging enough for content marketing?

A lot of people tend to simply write a blog and then do nothing with it after they’ve uploaded it. A blog can do so much more for your content marketing so here are our 5 tips to get more out of your content marketing.

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title graphic for ways to get readers to your blog
5 Ways To Get Readers To Your Blog

It can be frustrating slogging away crafting great content if no one is reading it. Trying to get readers to your blog can seem like a major challenge in itself.

The strategy you take to increase your blog readership will depend on the purpose of your blog but here I have listed the five most basic ways to get readers to your blog, whatever your motive for blogging.

(Sidebar-blogging can help your business in some major ways. It can be a business in itself if your blog really takes off.)

Let’s have a look.

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five ways blogging helps your business
Five Ways Blogging Helps Your Business

Blogging helps your business grow. That is a fact. It is one of the most important things you can do to bring the right traffic to your website.

71% of B2B buyers said they read a supplier’s blog before engaging with them. (Demand Gen)

There is bad blogging and good blogging though. The first, you talk only about your business and services, the blogs are short, boing, technical, uninspiring etc etc. And they aren’t optimised.

The good kind of blogging helps your business in lots of ways, but let’s look at five.

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How Can I Tell If My Blogger Is Any Good Title Graphic
How Can I Tell If My Blogger Is Any Good?

So you’ve employed an SEO Copywriter to start producing blogs for your website in order to boost your website’s traffic, and thus get you more new customers.

Good move; you’re already on the right step to grabbing those top rankings for your keywords on Google!

But how can you tell if the blogger you’ve employed to write your blogs is any good? Well, luckily for you, there are a couple of key benchmarks that will help you tell whether your SEO Copywriter is da bomb, such as whether or not your blogs are uploaded on time, whether the spelling, grammar and punctuation is correct, and whether your copywriter is writing about the type of subjects that will interest your audience.

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What's The Point Of Blogging GrowTraffic Title Graphic
What’s The Point Of Blogging?

It’s a very good question isn’t it?!

I’m an SEO Copywriter by trade (or, at least, I was, before I became the MD of GrowTraffic…now I’m the MD who tries to do some SEO Copywriting when they let me!), and so writing blogs is one of the things I like to do bestest of all.

In fact, if you just left me to my own devices, I’d sit here and write blogs all day long.

“But why?” I hear you cry! What’s the point of all this blogging? What purpose are you serving the universe? Why do it to yourself?

Well my young Padawan, I shall tell you.

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