What's The Difference Between Personal Branding And Reputation?
What’s The Difference Between Personal Branding And Reputation?

Recently I got into something of a debate about whether personal branding really exists or whether it’s just reputation. I don’t think I really did the debate justice because at the time I was a little fixated on allowing GrowTraffic’s employees more personalisation of our branded elements and began to go off on a tangent, and that probably eroded the credibility of my original argument. So here we go. Let’s dive into branding, personal branding, personality and reputation. Read more

The Branding Cycle - The Role of Perseverance in Branding
The Branding Cycle: The Role Of Perseverance

The branding cycle is a never-ending process, which businesses go through to maintain, develop and overhaul their brand.

Made up of the 6 Ps, the branding cycle consist of product, positioning, promise, presentation, perseverance and perception analysis. After that, you repeat, cyclically forever! Ish.

I think probably the most misunderstood branding cycle P is perseverance, and this is something I thought I’d explore in a blog post. Read more

How To Create Brand Messaging

So you’ve got an awesome product or killer service and you want to let the world know about it. Most business owners crack on and write about it and after a while they get to the point where they realise that their content is completely all over the place. At this point that they’re not really sure how they should be selling their product or service. But before you’ve even got to this point you should be thinking about how everything will be tied together with your brand messaging. Read more

What’s the difference between marketing and branding?

I’ve been working in marketing for years, in my spare time I continue to take on some freelance clients, mainly performing online marketing tasks and acting as a freelance SEO consultant. However, in my day to day role as a marketing manager concentrating on brand marketing, I’ve been thinking more about what the difference is between marketing and branding.

There’s so much more than this, so don’t take this as the definitive answer to the question “what’s the difference between marketing and branding” but hopefully it should go some way helping you form a view and taking some action.

Read more


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