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Your website needs to generate you business, as well as look good. We combine design with functionality and ranking capability.

Websites That Get You Noticed

SEO Web Design 


To create a functional website that will rank within search engines, the work must begin before the website is even built. Our website design service is for businesses who are serious about getting SEO results.  


GrowTraffic work with you to design and develop a website that is built with SEO best practices in mind. We draw on individual strengths in our team to produce a website that works for you, your customers and Google.  





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We do the background research, planning and build for your website, meaning that when the site is ready to launch, it is immediately optimised to give you the best chance of achieving good results.   

Is it worth it? 

Why Have SEO Web Design? 

Website design and organic search performance go hand in hand, meaning that design influences a website’s ability to rank for your keywords. It doesn’t make sense to build a website that isn’t optimised to rank as your customers would never find you. That’s why SEO should be considered throughout your website project. 


We can’t tell you how many times we have had a new customer come to us with a website that isn’t that old but isn’t performing how they expected. This is because their website was built only with looks in mind, paying no attention to how their website works or is ‘seen’ by search engines. 


This can sometime happen when websites are built in-house by disparate teams, or only part of the project has been outsourced. This disjointed approach results in a poorly functioning website. 


The beauty of outsourcing your web design to a digital marketing agency like us is that we have the expertise all under one roof.  


Why Choose GrowTraffic For Web Design

Payment Plans

We offer low prices for small websites that you can add to as you become more established. Our packages are fully tailorable to suit any budget and objective.  Plus, you can spread the cost of your web build across 3 or 6 months, making it the perfect solution for any business.   

Well Optimised

We make sure your website will rank by optimising it before it goes live. Not only that, but we will sort out all the little fiddly bits that get your website ranking and manage the migration from the old to the new website. We can work with your existing developer, or design your website from scratch.  

Great Content

Anyone can write content for a website, but how do you know the content is going to be read, understood, and acted upon?  As content experts, we will write your website's copy around well research keywords, in a tone of voice that is suitable for your target audience.   

Beautiful Design

Perfectly designed websites get your message across to your current and future clients.  Your new website will match your business type, whether fun and creative, or professional and neat.  GrowTraffic will work with you to make your website everything you want it to be to perfectly represent your business. 


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Sign me up to your newsletter. I want free SEO tips!
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